Tuesday, 15 June 2010

When Girls Collide

Brought to you by coldjwplay and the word 'spite', and as per the challenge, EXACTLY 200 words long (not including the title).

When Girls Collide
It could have gone better, on reflection. Until Claire had explained it to him, he’d been sure it wasn’t his fault.

He could have chosen somewhere else. He’d heard the name of the restaurant somewhere, and had thought he must have read it in the paper.

He hadn’t.

He’d heard it when the ex he’d only sort of broken up with had told him where she was working now. He hadn’t phoned her for a few weeks. It seemed easier, and he was busy with Claire.

She might have been more mature about the whole thing, but Sharon was always one for drama. He hadn’t even realised it was her, until she served his spaghetti carbonara onto his shirt and called him a cheating scumbag. Claire had reacted badly to the spite in her voice. But after the screaming subsided, the two women were hugging each other, and he was wearing the main courses he’d generously bought on his new Ozwald Boateng suit.

Claire dumped him right there without ceremony or delay, calmly explaining his culpability, called him a liar and other colourful names, and said she never wanted to see him again, then left, comforting a tearful Sharon. Women!

© Ellen Couch, 2010

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