Friday, 18 June 2010

Space Hawk 7000- Attack!

Brought to you by coldjwplay and the word 'Armageddon', and precisely 200 words.

Space Hawk 7000 - Attack!
He had found a place to hide, thank goodness. The Empire Builders were scanning the meteor cloud, and he knew they would suspect the dead rocks were concealing something. But they couldn’t know the danger, or they would have vaporised them automatically- he had seen it happen.

He hardly even dared breathe too loudly. Silent running was one thing, but their equipment was too good. He never thought he’d get this far, but Dirk Chastely had cheated death again. If he got home he would be a hero. And faithful Mary-Sue was waiting.

His ship began shuddering. The Armageddon, flagship of the Rashomon Imperial Fleet, was passing. Inside it, he knew, was General Lear, its corrupt, villainous Commander in Chief. Without Lear in charge, the Imperial forces would descend into anarchy. This was it- the moment he’d been working towards.

As the ship passed, he eased in behind it, close enough to fool the sensors. His mentor whispered the command into Dirk’s earpiece.

“Space Hawk 7000- Attack!”

He fired the nuke directly into the engine.

“Have some of this!”

The explosion was spectacular- he was glad he had sprung for the LCD monitor to capture the moment. Best. Game. EVER.

© Ellen Couch, 2010

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