Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Day The Devil

This episode of Fast Fiction Challenge was brought to you by morbane and the word 'longhair'. It was a lesson in the ending you want not being the ending the story needs.

The Day the Devil
Sam McCallister sold his soul sitting outside Bob’s bar. It had been another disastrous gig for his rock cover band, Longhair, and he sat picking the glass out of his clothes. Some guy came over. Then the guy started talking, and Sam knew him for The Devil. Good people don’t talk like that.

Playing guitar was the only thing Sam was ever good at. His Mama gave him a guitar when he was 13, and he took to it as natural as breathing. Bob had taken him aside after Longhair came off stage.

“Son,” he said, “you’re real talented, but your friends suck somethin’ awful.”

The Devil pointed out that Sam deserved success. He could help. But one day he would come for Sam, and Sam would have to go with him. Sam made the deal. He left ‘Longhair’, joined another band. They were a hit. He started looking over his shoulder, expecting to see the Devil. It was time.

That day, The Devil showed up.The Devil looked different from when he bartered stardom for Sam’s soul, but Sam knew who he was.

“Was it worth it?” asked the Devil.

“I guess I’ll find out” said Sam.

© Ellen Couch, 2010

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