Wednesday, 15 September 2010

We Need More Ladies

Brought to you by Hownowbrowntao and the word 'rhinoceros'.

We Need More Ladies

Captain K’mss-qa looked displeased. Tr8’jaq shifted nervously from foot to foot. When the Captain looked displeased, it generally involved pain of some description. Va’13, still in her coat, on the other hand, looked surprised, and not at all worried. Well, she was new. She would learn.

"You told us to bring back more females from the planet," she was saying.

Captain K’mss-qa hissed, and turned green, a sure sign his anger was barely contained.

"It doesn’t look like the others," he said.

"Well, it’s definitely female."

A lieutenant, who brought out the cage with the pink-and-yellow creature. He turned on the translator.

"You!" K'mss-qa barked, "Is this one of your females?"

The creature in the cage cowered.

"I don’t know." It said. "It might be female, but it’s not one of us."

The Captain turned back to Va’13 and Tr8’jaq, who was at least ready for the sting from the tentacle that slapped across their faces.

"Idiots!" He snapped. "I’m working with idiots! Did you even check the computer banks? It’s female, alright, but according to this, it’s a female rhinoceros, not a female human!"

"To be fair, sir," said Tr8’jaq, "you did say that they came in different colours."

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