Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More Loved Than Sane

Story in a minute, but first news! 365 Tomorrows, which is a brilliant Sci Fi burst culture, have published another of my stories- it's up now, soon it will be available in their archive, get it while it's hot! And before you ask, yes, I would say they're brilliant even if they hadn't published me.

And now, without further ado (because let's face it, there's been quite enough ado already), 200 words long, and courtesy of Anord, Morbane and the word 'arrow':

More Loved Than Sane

As the orderly hands me the clipboard to sign in, I wonder who I will meet today. Last week he threw a chair across the room and had to be restrained. The doctors say he is getting better.
He is subdued when I come in, sitting on a plastic chair that glows hideously orange amidst the soothing beige. I wonder if he feels lonely- most of the time they keep him in a cell by himself. I wonder if the people in his head keep him company.

He’s put on weight again. Strange how someone his size can still seem as fragile as the day the doctor handed him to me- an arrow through my heart; utter, irrevocable love. When he is himself he is changeable as a butterfly, flitting between subjects, restless, gentle, and slow. I think he is too big for his body, has always been. He takes my hands in his, and I marvel at the size of them.

He looks at me and smiles in recognition. For a moment, he is my son. But then I see it is not him there, though it is one of the kind ones.

"Good morning, your majesty," he says.

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